Tiny Dodo Gallery is a Pop Up Gallery that has a monthly exhibit at the Stone Way Cafe & Venue in Fremont, WA. The exhibits are featured in Fremont's First Friday Art Walk. The gallery has other locations it exhibits at and will continue to seek other unique locations to Pop Up along the West Coast. 

Tiny Dodo Gallery is about building a community and support for artists big or small to expand creativity and to create positive environments for all who seek it. We offer our time and guidance to help strengthen the artist in everyone. Please contact us if you are looking to contribute in one of our next group shows!

Rhodora Jacob Owner, Artist, Curator

Nike Ozaki Artist,Co-Curator

Conor MacBride Artist,Co-Curator/Intern 

My illustrations encompass themes of queer elegance and oddity. Utilizing a variety of inks, my line work is both bold and organic composing images varying between adorable and austere. Currently I am establishing myself into the art community in Seattle, WA. I am very interested in creating comics and graphic novels, but I often get distracted with work and school. As an aspiring Illustrator, I keep my mind open yet focused on how I affect the world around me. I have much to learn. My Artist Tumblr www.conormyface.tumblr.com My Instagram @_bowzer