A Date w/Blythe was an idea Rhodora Jacob pitched to artist Mab Graves shortly after Blythecon 2014.Both artists vended at the event and Rhodora fell in love with her art instantly after viewing it from across the showroom.

The concept was to have an art show where Blythe enthusiasts and Japanese pop culture fans can come with their alter ego dollies. Attendees, while enjoying the wonderfully imaginative art by Mab Graves, could also meet and greet people in an open and positive environment. A place open to both the community and Blythe enthusiasts!

What started as a simple idea quickly grew into a larger one. Rhodora wanted to show extreme talent and the unique art of customizing these Japanese dolls. She reached out to many Blythe Artists around the world big and small. Responses were great and many artists were able to contribute, with many more willing to do shows in the future.

Taking things a step further, Rhodora thought she would have the dolls be a means of collecting fundsfor the Seattle Children's Hospital! The idea of these magical little dolls making money to donate to sick children made her heart soar!

A Date w/Blythe is an event Rhodora hopes to continue each year in February to help 
Uncompensated Children in the Seattle Children's Hospital. Each year the event will have a 
different featured artist. With this event she hopes to let these little Blythe dollies 
be the positive influences they have been in her life, as well as many others. 

Hopefully as the event grows, Tiny Dodo Gallery looks to possibly extending to other global causes benefiting children.

Let us spread hope and love to all who are in need!

Much LOVE,

Tiny Dodo Gallery

If you would like to learn more about helping the Seattle Children's Hospital, here are some ways to help .

Also for a more intimate exposure to who we will be helping, here is a link to the Seattle Children's Hospital's Youtube .