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A Date w/ Blythe 2015

Mab Graves is a fine artist from Indiannapolis, IN She is known worldwide and has been a huge influence in the Blythe Community! Having the pleasure of hosting a rare event is an honor. To have Mab Grave's Framed Fine Art Prints to showcase has made this event even more lovely.

Here's a little about Mab Graves:

"Mab Graves was discovered in a cabbage patch on a cool Summer night several years ago. The note pinned to her blanket said CHANGELING but her parents decided they would call her Mab instead.
Later in life she would be diagnosed with “Terminal Artist” . A condition she lives with to this day.Mab paints in an old re-purposed tavern in Indianapolis, IN with her adoring partner (photographer Larry Endicott) their cat, and an ever growing collection of pink-haired Blythe dolls." -Mab Graves



 1.How did you get involved with Blythe and how have they effected you as an artist?

I discovered Blythe about 4 years ago. I randomly ran across a pic online and was like “whoa! That looks like one of my paintings made of plastic!” a couple days later I had acquired my first one ^_^ I’m not sure they have really effected my art, but they have enriched my experience for sure. I’ve met so many awesome people and made some great friends thanks to that lil brat ^_<



2. What gave you the momentum to start your own Business?

When you are a working artist, you ARE a business! It just happens that way. I wasn’t really expecting the steep learning curve involved when I started working professionally. There were a lot of extremely boring business-related things (that are also extremely important!) that I didn’t really imagine were part of the gig. It’s was a bumpy start but I’m in the swing of things now ^_<



3. What inspires you to create your designs?

The answer to that one is different with every piece. I’m always telling stories. A lot depends on what I’m reading, listening to, or feeling passionate about at the moment. Right now, geology, dinosaurs, outer space and 60’s kitsch are my jam!


4. Out of all the Blythes you've created what is your favorite Blythe and why?

Pinky of course! She was my first girl and is my “Head Blythe”. She’s the boss of the studio. A total brat who is always kicking things and getting into trouble +_+



5. How do you believe you have impacted the Blythe community locally versus globally?

Oooh I don’t know! I’ve never really considered it. I’m pretty reclusive and quiet, so if I’ve had any impact at all I’m sure it would be through my work….




6. You were just in Seattle for Blythecon 2014, what was your best experience in Seattle and did you have a local spot you enjoyed visiting? Or if you were unable to have time to visit a location, where would you have wanted to go and why?

I actually didn’t get to see much of the beautiful city of Seattle while I was there L I got violently sick the moment my place landed and only barely made it to the con! I had to leave early. I did make a little trip to the Needle and that was super cool! I reeeeeaaly wanted to go see the Sci-Fi Museum. I’m hoping to make a trip back later this year to hang out with friends and play around in the city!



7. Do you have any big plans for your company in the near future? What can we expect for 2015?

Yes! It’s going to be a wild year. My 2015 is totally booked right now. I have a solo show Auguste Clown gallery in April that I’m already getting really excited (and insanely nervous) for and this Fall, I have an exhibition titled “Children of the Nephilim” which will be a series of paintings involving dinosaurs, black-winged waifs and sherbet-colored worlds ^_^ I can’t wait to get it finished!  


CEO & Designer @ Junie Moon

A Date w/ Blythe 2015

"Junko Wong is the CEO and President of Cross World Connections Group and Blythe Creative Producer. She had the unique vision to bring back Blythe.

She is in charge of all promotion plans, marketing, production, doll concepts and designs. She has experience in various types of projects such as freelance exhibition producer and curator.

Junko established Cross World Connections co.,ltd in 1991. CWC holds contracts with world’s top illustrators such as Jeffrey Fulvimari and about 40 artists from around the world. CWC is a creative agency for illustrators, character designers, and graphic artists.

From 2000, CWC was granted the Blythe license for Japan and Korea and started the total creative production for Neo Blythe. CWC created all Blythe products such as Blythe dolls, stationery, Blythe related product plans, designs and as well as animations. Mrs.Wong is the leader of the whole CWC group, CWC retail division Junie Moon co.,ltd (official shops in Daikanyama and Shinjuku Marui One Lele Junie Moon), and also CWC International a worldwide artists agent New York branch." -

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 1. How did you get involved with Blythes ?

It was Winter 1999 in NY and saw a photo of Blythe.  

 2. What gave you the momentum to start Junie Moon?

I wanted to start a place where Blythe fans can come and see the line up and enjoy the world of Blythe 

 3. What inspires you to create your designs?

Everything. Folktales, fashion, beauty, women, girls, flowers, earth, sky, love and deadlines. 

 4. Out of all the Blythe releases what is your favorite Blythe and why?

Always the anniversary dolls. That is the doll of the year, no matter what the story or subject they are my favorites. I spend more time and thought in these anniversary dolls than any others except for the collaborations which take as much time. Which is usually 18 months to 24 months.  

 5. How do you believe you have impacted the Blythe community locally versus globally?

It all started locally, here in Japan, where I am located. We never thought it would go beyond our own territory but it did. It spread to Asia and now it is growing globally. Thanks to the internet we are one global family of Blythe lovers.  

 6. Would you say the Blythe community is a vast and eclectic one?

yes, I agree.  

 7. You were just in Seattle for Blythecon 2014, what was your best experience in Seattle and did you have a local spot you enjoyed visiting ?

I like the Chihuly Museum because my husband is a glass blower. But the best time I had was going to the contemporary museum with Allison Katzman. I enjoy listening to her explain the artist and their art and always learn so much during our times together.  

 8. Do you have any big plans for Junie Moon in the near future? What can we expect for 2015?

We have many pop up stores planned in rural area of Japan. There will be a charity exhibition in Osaka next month with custom Blythes that will be auctioned off for Fukushima. We hope to make an impact with Blythe and contribute to the well being of our community.